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May 18, 2022
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Vision of the project

The goal was to create branding and a website that clearly communicates the value and potential of SEGTON’s technology.

The design

The design is inspired by the look of solar panels with an element of the sun. It is ment to strike confidence and be memorable.Β 

Despite SEGTON being a startup, it has a B2B business model, so the visual communication is rather conventional.Β 

The element of sustainability is communicated by the imagery with greenery.Β 

The website

SEGTON’s new website is design to convey the most important selling points of SEGTON’s technology.Β 

It is developed from scratch so that is is consistent with the branding.

The website was implemented in EditorX so that SEGTON’s team can edit the content easily in a visual way.Β 

Segton Featured min
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The results

SEGTON now has a website that clearly communicates the value behind their complex science and explains visually how their technology can revolutionise the industry.Β 

I have personally enjoyed working with Jan. He has made propositions in a very clear and creative way and then have efficiently implemented them as expected.

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