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September 27, 2021
Epoca website design mockup min

Vision of the project

An innovative health care startup was in need of a website to attract new partners, employees and potential investors. Although the details about their solution are not publicly available, they wanted to the website to convey the main idea of the project – bringing health professionals closer to the patients.

The design

There is a complex technical solution in the background but the focus is on the patients and health professionals – making their life easier and better.Β Β 

The website

Custom made hero section visualises the connection between the patient and different health professionals. The round shape of the logo is used throughout the website. 

Epoca website design mockup min
shapes website design mockup min
hero website design mockup min

The results

Online sales
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New visitors
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Luis is now able showcase his products. He updates the portfolio himself whenever new design is ready. He was able to scale up his sales and ring new traffic to his website. Many of the visitors converted into followers on instagram where the marketing is being focused.
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