Web Design
for unique Tech Companies

I help you communicate the value your product brings to its users in a visual and comprehensive way

Web design for tech companies

Are you in need of a website that helps you succeed?

I will combine your requirements andΒ goals with a profile of your ideal client and come up with a custom website that will:

Some of my clients

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It's a luxury
to be understood

I speak your language

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How I work

My process is optimised for maximum efficiency. You don’t pay for forwarding emails. I get things done!

house pla 1 min
Just like building a house
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01 Planing
We plan and draw first
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02 Designing
We make it shine
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03 Building the website
And then, I turn your vision into a website
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What I can do for you 

People choose me

Trust me, I am an engineer :)︎


I design and prototype my websites in Figma to achieve a unique look


I use WordPress for the backend, but I rarely use one of its default templates


I develop 100% custom designs for WordPress with Elementor Pro


I also use Webflow, when the project requirements are a good match


I give my websites an unique look using custom CSS styling


I create custom interactions on my websites using JavaScript and jQuery

Tools Tools

websites created by me

JCwebTECHwebsite design mockup
Webdesign, Development

CARO2022 Workshop

Website created to promote and inform about an annual cyber security conference organised by Avast.

How can I help you


During a free 30 min discovery call, we will discuss your project and I will outline the process of our possible cooperation. I will ask you a set of questions to better understand your project. You are not exactly sure what do you need? Don’t worry, it is part of my job to point you to the right solution.