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June 6, 2021
conference website design mockup min

Vision of the project

The website needed to be attractive to its target audience – top digital security experts from around the world. It also needed be easy to adjust, post new content, manage the list of speakers and link those to their individual presentation sessions or articles that are being published on the website.

The design

The design follows the initial branding and design concept created by Avast designers for this event. The visuals combine the modern branding language of Avast with a dark theme which is characteristic for cyber-security community.Β 

It should also be appealing to a highly educated, academic audience, as well as sending a message of innovation to the press and potential partners.Β 

The website

The website communicates the idea behind the conference. This is underlined by showcasing the conference speakers. They are implemented as a custom post type which means that any speaker can be linked to an article or an agenda event and vice versa.

New speakers can be also easily added from the admin panel and they are automatically displayed on the frontend.

There was also an option to log in for the registered users during the event to access the live video stream and other premium content.

conference website design mockup min
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The results

The event, despite challenges related to the pandemic, counted with significantly increased number of attendees compared to previous years.Β 

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  • Acting in crisis situations, where he acts as a support and not as a vendor who rises problems.
  • Reliability that the project will be delivered on time and in the expected quality + adherence to the budget.

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