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September 8, 2020
Laundry application website design mockup min

Vision of the project

The main goal was to get more users to download and use the Laundry Portal application. This came in hand in hand with good and comprehensive presentation of the service features and its benefits. It was also crucial to make it easy for the visitor to download the application on his phone.

The design

The design was partly inherited from the existing mobile application that included the characteristic gradient between turquoise blue and light green. These colours were complemented with some dark tones to provide an exclusive, luxury look representing the character of the offered service.

The website

The website is focused on presenting the service and facilitates the downloading of the app as much as possible. The mobile version of the website includes smart buttons that detect which operating system is being used and link to the respective application store. On desktop, it is possible to send yourself a link to your mobile phone to download the application. 

The website is very interactive and takes advantage of sliders to present different functionalities of the application. 

Laundry application website design mockup min
laundry services website design mockup min
Laundry app website design mockup min

The results

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Chris is now able to take advantage of his website that besides other things loads 5 times faster than his previous website. Visitors are able to comfortably download the application and start using the service right away which helped to scale up the user base. Comprehensive statistics help Chris to target his adds better and observe the results, which led to conversion rate increase.Β Β 

Owner of thelaundryportal.com
Jan is a wonderfully attentive and thoughtful person. Working with him has been an extreme pleasure and he has helped re-create my website into something I can now be proud of. I strongly recommend anyone who is looking to work with a critical thinker.

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