Jan Cerny

I am a problem solving addict with long lasting interest in web services, photography and design in general. I come from Czech Republic, but after living in France and Spain for quite some time, I dropped my anchor in Portugal. I constantly educate myself on various topics, I speak 5 languages and navigate several programming ones.

In my free time, I chase adrenalin riding a bike down a mountain or on artificial obstacles. I also love travelling, taking photos and videos or play with some of my other gadgets. I am also slowly picking up gardening :-)&#xFE0E

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What do I do

My Mission

I started my own webdesign business as a quest to improve the webspace by creating modern, functional websites, that make sense to the visitor. The main idea is to make quality branding and modern online presentationsย available to small and medium businesses.

Emerging companies or those entering the online space simply cannot always afford expensive agencies. Paradoxically, these need quality marketing presentation the most, to stand against the big and established players. I put on the table a bundle of skills and knowledge, that bring your project into the online spotlight.

As a solopreneur, I can treat every client individually and find the adequate solution.

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Branding + Website = Success

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Feel free to reach out if you share some of my interests.

do you want to bring your business into the spotlight?

During a free 30 min discovery call, we will discuss your project and I will outline the process of our possible cooperation. I will ask you a set of questions to gain a better understanding of your project. You are not exactly sure what do you need? Donโ€™t worry, I will be the first one to tell you if I don’t have the right solution for you – and I will point you in the right direction.